George's NFL Observations
Phil Rivers throws the ball in a strange way. Although it seems to work
for him, he should still be pretty embarrassed about it.

The west coast doesn't know how to play football.

The NFL has some of the worst announcers and commentators. Led by
Joe "It depends on the spot" Buck, there are countless criticisms I could
yell about, but I only have so much free time on my hands.

Chris Berman - His nicknames and noises are so played. I'm
embarrassed to listen to him, but he apparently still thinks he's cool,
which is devastating to most of us fans.

Everyone on the NFL Network - They are so so so bad.

Al Michaels - After all this time, the guy still knows so little about the
game. If you don't believe me, pay attention to his clueless commentary
next time.

Phil Simms - In addition to all the other awfulness, Phil constantly refers
to an imaginary person named, Eam. He tackled Eam at the 22 yard line.
He sacked Eam for the third time today. Hmm, strange.
There are more than just these few, but the following players especially
need to graduate to their adult name, seriously.

Joseph Addai - Joe Addai
Thomas Jones - Tom Jones
Philip Rivers - Phil Rivers
Clinton Portis - Clint Portis

Also, no more maiden names. It's ridiculous.