Several issues are presented with the sport of boxing, but lets look at
the most problematic to the sport's survival.

You all should know what this problem is, but sadly you probably don't.
There's  a basic fundamental issue that should not exist. And if the
boxing industry cares one bit about its future, it should address this
problem with the utmost urgency.

The problem is, blocking. Blocking should be 100% illegal in the sport
of boxing. I mean seriously, it makes for such a boring spectacle. Think
about this, would you rather watch a real life boxing match or any bout
involving Rocky Balboa? The choice is Rocky, hands down (pun
intended). Yes, hands down indeed because Rocky didn't block, nor did
his opponents. Sure maybe there were a few blocking slip ups in there,
but for the most part, no blocking. And wow, what a difference in
entertainment value!

They made six Rocky movies, yes six. And I'll tell you, as I type this, a
Rocky marathon is playing on the tv. Are there ever all day boxing
marathons on tv? Well, I don't really know, but I sure hope not. How
awful would that be? That's probably illegal and rightfully so.

I'm all for ducking and dodging and will support more of it, but if you put
your gloves up to cover your face, you should be deducted points by
the judges. Additional points should be awarded for throwing
haymakers. And I'm talking about points just for the haymaker attempt. If
you land it, congratulations, but you also get points just for trying.

Take a look at the pictures below. One depicts a boxing match full of
fun and excitement. One shows blocking. Can you guess which is
This tragic issue is out of my hands, unfortunately. All I can do is
complain about it and post it on this web page. And I've done that.
Someone else needs to take it to the next level. Thanks.