The Magic of Candy

Some advice to you parents out there. If
your child asks you why candy tastes so
good, tell them it's because of the secret
ingredient. Assuming they assume you're
talking about sugar, tell them they are
wrong and that the secret ingredient is love.
Then give them a hug....and some candy.
Aqualife - An aquarium of chewiness. A fabulous
supplement to the original Swedish fish.  I'm hooked.
Also, remember this:
Below are descriptions of some fine candies.
Smarties - Not just a clever name.  Smarties are the
true #1 brain food. In addition to being delicious
they are also nutricious....I think.
Starburst - A burst of fruity deliciousness, if you will.
 And I know you will.
Pop Rocks - A sugar explosion. Entertainment in every
pack.  Legend has it that mixing Pop Rocks & soda will
kill you.  I'm pretty sure it's worth the risk.
Skittles -
Haribo Gold-Bears -
Haribo Frogs -
Haribo Raspberries -
HariboPeaches -
Chewy Spree -
Milky Way -
3 Musketeers -
Peppermint Pattie -
Nerds  -