Why I'm too good for Kelly Clarkson
I don't support American Idol for one thing. There are so many people
out there looking for their big break, yet if you win this show by
impressing, really just one guy that matters, you get that break. Bogus.
So basically her rise to fame is under protest and I'm too good to be with
someone with a controversial career.

From her songs I get the impression that she's a yeller. I bet when she
gets mad, she yells, I mean really yells. I'm not much of a fan of yelling.
In fact, I make it a point not to yell, ever. If I'm mad about something, I will
stress my displeasure with stern words, but at a reasonable volume.
Listen to her songs, she's a yeller, and I'm too good to be with someone
who yells at me.

I realize that there is more to people than just looks, but looks do matter
to an extent. When I look at Kelly I think, hmm, I guess she's alright. But
then I look at myself and wow, forget about it. Too good.